Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kerala Edu Dial

A hand book on Educational Contact Directory of Calicut & Malappuram Districts.

This is very useful and inevitable to all institutions…

It covers
a)     Coaching Centers,
b)     Training Centers,
c)      Consultants,
d)     Edu. Suppliers,
e)     Education related business and services.  etc..
It gives
a)     Informations
b)     Contact Address
c)      Web Address
d)     E-mail Address .etc to contact the institutions.
Salient Features….
We are glad to inform you
a)     Attractive design,
b)     Advanced search options.
c)      Your Address at the finger tips.
d)     User friendly work design…
e)     First Educational contact directory in Kerala.
f)       Give an important space to your institutions
g)     Educational institution ADDRESS At FREE OF COST…
h)     All Educational institutions under a single roof..
i)       Thus your institutions will get more popularity.

So this is very useful and inevitable to all institutions.
It is important to
a)     To parents to meet their children’s educational needs,
b)     To institutions/shops/orgs./offices for communication.
c)      To Publishers, book dealers, medical-lab related business groups can use this as a business empowering tool.

Distribute free copies to
a)     Schools,
b)     Colleges,
c)      Institutes, Public,
d)     Co-operative Institutions,
e)     Government Offices…etc.

It is expected to publish before April 31st.
It will be available in all book shops also.

This is a real gateway to your institution’s empowerment. Your advertisement and details reach at the finger tips of all sectors/offices/people in the society.

Give your details
a)     through 
b)     by SMS to +91 9633443311

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